Beauty Under Budget

14 Nov

Beauty under budgetThey say that not everything that glitters is gold and this is also true when buying cosmetics. There are products which are worth investing more than others. If you want to save on cosmetics here are some guidelines.

Cosmetics are adult toys so often prefer to use expensive brand, is a way to indulge a little bit is okay. But if you want to save money without sacrificing quality this list will give you ideas.

Products in which it is better to spend more:

Makeup base or foundation

Lately there are many options for bases at low prices, the quality is very good but is difficult under artificial lights in discount stores or a pharmacy without testers find the perfect color for your skin. These brands are L’Oreal True Match foundation and make up.

The base should be the same color or close to it to look good. For this reason it is preferable to pay more and go to a counter for an expert to help you identify the best color for you. In our opinion, SEPHORA and MAC have the best trained in the U.S., another brand with high quality base is PRESCRIPTIVES.

Special moisturizers and eye creams

Recently, low-priced moisturizers are using many of the active ingredients of the expensive creams. In some cases they are as good as the wetting of some expensive brands. Cheap and controversial ingredients such as mineral oil are disappearing. But the active ingredients are used in very small quantities for safety more than anything so if you want a moisturizer to prevent premature wrinkles is better to buy more expensive brand is not necessarily the most expensive but good quality.

Masks and peels

In addition to face masks sold in stores have the option of using natural masks. If the purchase price of products used moderate or high. Some masks are not cheap moisturizing ingredients have powerful scents and colors of low quality that irritate the skin.

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