Rough Skin Solutions Part-2

29 Nov

Solutions for rough skin
The most powerful is the hydration of the external and internal skin.

The hydration of the skin depends on what we eat, what we eat, the climate and what we put on the skin.

It is important to use a moisturizer (cream or oil) to the skin of the face and body. And pay attention to dry areas like knees, thighs and heels.

Exfoliation helps the moisture reaches the living cells that are in need. Exfoliation helps to have smooth skin. You can buy products, make homemade masks or use a loofah or brush while bathing.

Moisturizing masks
They can be homemade or purchased. The natural ingredients like olive oil, almonds, and others are fantastic. Yogurt and milk also help to remove impurities. Other options include oatmeal and honey, honey, lemon and others, read natural masks

Removes calluses
There are several ways to remove calluses from creams you can buy and are effective to constantly exfoliate or get home cures. A very effective is spend a pedicure file or pumice stone after bathing.

Cracked and dry areas
Ponte creams, oils (almond, vitamin E, olive, etc..) Or vegetable butters (cocoa, coconut, etc.) Wetting every night and always moisturize after bathing with cream or oil.

Beware of hot water
The hot water in bathrooms dehydrated. Use lukewarm water if you have the option.

Omega three
Drink or eat omega three oils to help keep skin moist and takes a lot of water.

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