Homemade Moisturizing Hand Cream

26 Feb

Homemade Surely after scrubbing, who still scrub by hand (I do) sometimes skin feels rough and painful at some points. That’s because we are dry skin and your hands is part of the body most used and most should care.

That’s why, on this occasion, and taking into account this body part, we give you a prescription for yourself can make a homemade moisturizer for your hands so that whenever you can hydrate and without having to spend much money for it.

All you need is two things: lemon juice and glycerin. All you have to do is mix these two elements into one (maybe you have to boil a bit to mix and then let cool).

So you’ll have a homemade cream that will serve to hydrate the hands and even other parts of the body although the face does not recommend it because maybe you can turn your skin too oily and not a matter that.

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