How to pluck our eyebrows as face shape

24 Jul

eyebrows as face shape

To get eyebrows that enhance your face and highlight the best features of your face, it is essential that these be consistent with the shape of your face.

Everyone has a different face and its characteristics must be taken into account so that, together, look good. In the chart below, find a guide to help you refine the shape of your eyebrows.

Supports a stick or pencil to the side of your nose and the tip goes to the edge of the inner can thus of the eye. Make a mark at that point: this is where the brow should begin.

And where to end? From the starting position, move the pen tip to the corner of my eye (which is where it ends).

In general, any brow should be slightly arched, but to know how high do, be guided by the line EF, which suggests to you is advisable. However, this is the base from which to begin because, depending on the shape of your face, you should make some variations.

Well, pluck my eyebrows how?

If your face is round

If your face is round, the best alternative is the pointed arch eyebrows, which help remove the feeling in the face of excessive roundness. The idea here is to have them always well defined.

If your face is square

The soft triangular eyebrows, not too arched, are right for you, then take away the hardness in your face. This will also be focused that attention on your eyes.

If your face is triangular

Eyebrows short and relatively thin joints are most suitable for you, recommending not to extend or arch with the stylus too. Your eyes will be highlighted without widening the top of your head.

If your face is long

In this case, we should use more eyebrows and horizontal lines to help shorten the shape of the face.

Other considerations:

- If your face is small, you’ll be fine to have thick or bushy eyebrows. Avoid them.

- If your eyes are close together, tweeze your eyebrows in the middle so that they are as far apart as possible (do it in a very subtle, the idea is not to be left then with a strange expression).

- If your eyes are wide apart, give the impression that they are more together, so that to shave is best done from inside the eye socket trying to remove as little hair as possible in the middle.

- Remember that no longer fashionable (or is very aesthetic really) have very thin eyebrows, just being the best way without exaggerating them not to end with a line as thin as a butterfly’s antenna.

- On the other hand, if your eyebrows are very sparse or scarce and you want checked, you can help by painting very gently with an eyebrow pencil one special color similar to these.

- If they are very resistant (those that still ruffle touching it) you can brush them to achieve the shape you want and then add a little fixer.

Of course, if you’ll do yourself, to shave, he prefers the light of day as at night to appreciate the details can be much more difficult. Especially after a bath, when the skin is softer and makes it easier hair removal.

Hope this helps!

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