Eye makeup in browns and coffee

29 Aug

makeup in brownsI love makeup, I always made up. The color you use is mostly black, however, a few weeks ago was a makeup artist who painted my house to my sister with browns and coffee was too nice, so I decided to investigate further.

Brown shades not fit all. Whether you’re white or brown, these shadows will always give depth to your eyes. Unlike the black, brown gives a more natural depth and not so dramatic.

It is beautiful with any skin tone and eye color. Of course, in the more mature skin need to be careful how much product you apply on the eyelid, excessive this would generate a look too hard.

Advantages of shades of brown

1. Depth:
Joaquina Maldonado, make up artist, says that “regal shades of brown are for hooded eyes. If you have young children or wrinkled eyes these colors serve you a lot, because it will make your eyes look deeper, therefore, larger. The brown or coffee you choose to add depth to your look has to be a few shades darker than the color of your skin. ”

2. Versatility
The browns can use them both at night as by day. “You can tailor looks like smokey dramatic eye with these shades for use during the day. Brown is the equivalent in the day, black at night. Everything you do with shades of black for a night out, you can do with the brown during the day, “says Joaquina.

Basic look for day to day

1. We prepare our skin. We moisturized and put liquid foundation all over your face. Apply creamy concealer and foundation, or first in the eyelid.

2. Place brown shadow (Super) clears around the eyelid and angular outline with a brush our eyelid with dark brown shade.

From this palette, we would use the second from the right shade

3. With the blender brush, blur the line until you see a solid line.

4. Apply mascara, blush, and fill in brows and a little lip gloss set.

Step by step: glamorous
Just as you can use brown shades when you want, you can use for a dramatic makeup for the night. To look more ‘party’, you can use more than two colors and darker browns.

1. We prepare our skin as explained in the basic look.

2. For the shadows, Joaquina tells us that the combination of brown shades with pink and gold is super cute. For this makeup will be used: shade coffee brown, light gold and pink rosewood.

3. Apply the shadow on the eyelid rosewood mobile evenly.

2. With a brush deep brown shade to place the slit in the lid, also called ‘watershed’.

3. Use the clear and golden shadow illuminator; put it in the inner corner of eye and below the eyebrows.

4. Delineate both the eyelid and the waterline with black lipstick and mascara set. You can also use brown pencil for a more casual look.

5. We finished filling in eyebrows, applying blush, putting lipstick mascara and nude lips.

Brown shades should be the first ring shadows buy. As we have seen, they are super versatile and useful for any occasion. Whether you love makeup every day and want a more natural look, or you’re starting to wear makeup, brown is your ideal choice. I’m thinking of coming to the office every day with shades of brown on the eyelid. And you and you dare?

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