Caring for the skin in the winter

20 Oct

The winter cold makes us not only gives us to go shivering muscle aches, or walk with us a lot of clothes on, but it also hurts our skin, our lips still one of the most affected. But not everything is bad, warm sleeping is one of the delights of winter, or spend a rainy day with your family.

We tell you what you can do to make your skin does not suffer too much through the winter.

Treat your skin gently

Dry skin is fragile, so please be kind to her, using gentle products (such as glycerin soap). Not very long baths are recommended because they lose moisture and nourishing oils of the skin. You should not rub your skin too dry.

Avoid irritants

Read labels carefully, avoid ingredients that do not know or can not pronounce. You can use gloves when washing dishes or when using detergent.

Moisturize your skin

Use a moisturizer frequently. If you have very dry skin you can apply some baby oil or aloe vera cream. You should avoid products with alcohol (which dries the skin). Especially for hands and feet need a good moisturizer. The best time to apply the cream is after a bath, because it can trap moisture.

Use lip balm

The lips are very sensitive, so they dry and crack in winter. You should apply lip balm as often as you can during the day. Avoid any irritating ingredients like camphor and menthol, and opt for tube packaging to prevent germs and bacteria. It also happens flavor of balm, which encourage lick your lips.

Watch the sun

The sun not only affects us in the summer but in winter, by reflecting on the pavement or snow. We must use sunscreen or moisturizer with sunscreen and lip balm with SPF all year round, especially the delicate skin.

Protect yourself from the environment

The wind can dry the skin and the constant movement between warm and cold does not help much. You can play with fashion to wear a hat, a scarf, a coat or clothing that protects your skin, especially in extreme climates.

Eat well

Your skin is more than an outer shell; it also reflects your diet. The consumption of fruits and vegetables will help keep your skin healthy. You must be careful with fatty foods that can affect your lips more chapped.

Even if you are discouraged and do not be misled by exercise and take care more in the winter, so your skin is in good condition and you feel good as well as help you avoid the flu and diseases associated with this time.

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