Caring for babies skin in winter

29 Mar

Caring for babies Nothing is more soft and fragile in the world than a baby’s skin, so protect it carefully from the adverse effects of sun, heat, cold and other external factors.

During winter babies dermis loses moisture and dries easily, especially in areas exposed to the environment, such as the face and lips. The rest of the body is usually well covered with clothes or wrapped in blankets, so there is no greater risk, but if you see your little one has some red areas or feeling itchy, then acts, and prevent it from scratch and generate more irritation, injury or infection. Do not forget that the skin is a welcome door to germs and bacteria.

The lips are more prone to drying because they are sebaceous glands, thus maintaining flexibility and tend not crack. And in the case of babies, the problem is increased by the excess saliva. Rub fat balm regularly (there are some small lipstick-shaped), but make sure you do not have artificial flavor, perfume or dye.

For the face, fat creams are the most recommended because they create a protective film against cold, wind and other external factors. But try not to use winter water-based creams, as well as not hydrate can generate on your baby feeling cold.

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