Care for babies with dry skin

28 Mar

Care for babiesThe skin of babies is extremely delicate and fragile, is very exposed to all kinds of damage and the immune system is still developing, so is less able to defend themselves.

But the problem is further increased if your baby’s skin is very dry. In this case you should follow some recommendations, especially when bathing.

Of course, to optimally care for the skin of small ideally, always check with your pediatrician or other specialist in the subject, but meanwhile we can give you a general level some very basic tips, simple and effective that the doctor probably will also indicate:

You can bathe your baby every time you think necessary, but keep in mind some fundamental things, such as those detailed below:

1) Water Temperature: You should always be warm.

2) Soap: try to be glycerin, oat or neutral. Avoid perfumed, as they often cause more dryness in the dermis.

3) Creams: several times a day Rub any emulsion or special baby moisturizer all over her little body.

4) Drying: in principle, try to spend no more than five minutes after leaving the water to dry. Secondly, using a soft towel only to him. Pay special attention to the folds of the skin, try to keep dry.

And to close the treatment, how about some nice touches to give your son? They say that the skin has a memory…

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