As the winter affects our hands

21 Mar

winter affectsWeather conditions cause degeneration, the texture of the skin. The best defense is to isolate it from the outside by clothes, but in the hands is not always possible. These are one of the more body parts that we must protect if we keep our hands nice and soft, to achieve this we need to use adequate protective creams and nutrition, not to mention nails.


  • Hands are the main tools for our daily activity.
  • It is the body part to be cleaned more frequently.
  • Too much soap and water is less harmful because they are lubricated by the sebaceous glands and sweat the rest of the body.
  • It is very important to good hand hygiene, but not excessive, using soften skin soaps, made with honey, lanolin and vitamins.
  • Avoid highly alkaline soaps and much detergent.
  • Keeping the skin moisturized hands.
  • After washing the skin with hydrating moisturizers, applied from the fingertips to the forearm.
  • This technique also facilitates blood circulation.
  • If the skin is extremely rough hands, you can use masks to hydrate tone and nourish.
  • To solve the problem spots in the hand is convenient to use products containing extracts of fruit acids acting exfoliating the skin and promote renewal.
  • To read more articles like how it affects the winter in our hands, we recommend you enter our category of skin care.


  • Moisturizer
  • Hand gel

Talk to your dermatologist if you suffer from hand problems in winter, problems such as dryness, stretch marks, etc..,

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