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08 Jan

skin condition Do you have normal skin, oily or dry? You know there really is no consensus regarding the types of skin.

Some people say there is but skin types skin conditions.

We have learned that the skin is fat, normal, dry, combination and sensitive. According to many dermatologists and texts in this area is not the case. These are conditions, trends or skin conditions used mostly for marketing by cosmetic companies.

There are types of skin because a person can have oily skin and dry in adolescence later in life. A person can have normal skin sensitive skin if you move to a dry and cold or dry skinned person moves from a cold to a warm weather can suddenly change from normal to oily.

The skin condition is dynamic and may change due to multiple factors. The creams that we use must be to treat the condition in which our skin is at any given time.

Factors that affect your skin
The state or “type” of skin is determined by several factors or influence both internal and external.

Internal factors


Our genetic inheritance determines the trend of our skin: oily, dry etc. and conditions that are likely as acne, blotches, eczema and others. But external factors are those that help develop these trends or not.


The skin is an organ depends on the health of our body. Some doctors think the condition of the skin is a window into what’s happening in our body. For example, if wounds do not heal normally can be a symptom of diabetes.

Some medicines cause dryness, irritation or skin oil. Drugs to control cholesterol dry skin causes them to some people.


The hormonal balance is very important for healthy skin.

The excess of certain hormones can make us more prone to acne, spots or wrinkles.

For this reason we menstrual cycle acne during menstruation and / or ovulation and skinned the rest of the period. As estrogen down, the skin is getting thinner and dry. Birth control pills can affect our skin. The same excess sugar and refined flours to create imbalance in hormones.


Based on the above, our diet is very important for healthy skin. The noticeable lack of nutrients in the skin.


Stress affects our skin because it affects hormones. For this reason it is important to sleep well and be relaxed.


As we age the skin becomes dry due to the effect of hormones.

External factors

Among the external factors that affect the skin are:
Climate in which we live.
The more humid and hot there is more tendency to have oily skin, the more dry and cold or dry skin more sensitive.


It is a way of putting toxins in the skin.

Skin Care

If the skin is moistened or treated with the right products is maintained in normal conditions it should be. Some beauty products or improper use causes harm rather than help.

Environmental Pollution

This affects our health and therefore the skin. You can have an effect similar to smoking.

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