Considerations before tattoo or piercing

28 Oct

piercing The fashion trends that we will want to continue to perform some actions being more daring, like get a tongue piercing or navel, or tattoos. Many times we have seen that some parents are shocked at the thought that their children do, while others leave them be free to do whatever they want. Finally, everyone knows what to do to your body, but you have to make those informed decisions.

In here we tell you what considerations you must have if you’re considering a tattoo or piercing wear.

A tattoo is a permanent decision, you should think about which area you will, if when you get older you look good, and whether the message or the tattoo you choose will like your whole life. There are ways to remove, but the skin will not be exactly the same, besides being expensive treatments.

Do it with hygiene: you must make sure that the needles they use to make the tattoo are sterile and do not reuse. The same should happen with the implements that are used to get a piercing. Many diseases can be transmitted through a contaminated needle, the most serious HIV (AIDS) and hepatitis C.

Think if you’re going to get a piercing: piercing are reversible if they can get. Some people are pierced earlobes, putting a ring when they decide to get it out big and have to resort to cosmetic surgery ear reconstruction.

Also can you develop a keloid scar, which produces a thick scar tissue around the site of piercing. Darker skin can have a greater risk of developing keloids, which may be difficult to remove.

So be careful with the area where you puncture. It is not the same as having a scar on his belly in the face.

If you have already decided on getting a tattoo or a piercing get take your precautions, think about where and how you’ll do and looking for a place that gives you the security to do so.

Good luck!

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