Tips for healthy armpits

30 Oct

underarm hygieneMoisture in the armpits preponderance favors the appearance of bacteria and fungi’s. Why we offer here a series of tips for healthy armpits, a fundamental part of good hygiene.

The primary method of underarm hygiene is washing with soap and water. Even if you use deodorants or antiperspirants, need to be washed at least once a day to kill bacteria that ferment and make sweat smell badly.

Deodorants contain substances that kill bacteria and prevent the sweat that occurs in the armpits acquire odor. Antiperspirants, in turn, reduce sweat production by blocking the pores through which pours into the skin.

Its chemical composition is based on aluminum salts, which damages the excretory canal of sweat glands. While there is no evidence that the use of these products promotes breast cancer, they could influence the axillary infections, such as hidradenitis or commonly known as “Swallow.”

There are also absorbing odors, which are substances that hold the molecules responsible for body odor, mostly produced by bacteria. This is published in the book How to have a healthy body by Dr. Jorge Pamplona Roger. Therefore, good hygiene and using natural products who simply avoid odors, allow us to have healthy armpits in the context of a general physical well-being.

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