Antiperspirant or deodorant: What you should use

15 Dec

Antiperspirant What is the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant? and what is the best product for you. They help control sweat and odor but differently.

Sweat, deodorants and antiperspirants

Sweat itself has no odor. But the sweat is an ideal medium for bacteria to grow because it is moist, nutrient rich and warm. Wastes are bacteria and not the sweat itself that causes odor.

How the deodorants

Deodorants help control the growth of bacteria. They do not prevent sweating it. The reason the odor is eliminated by eliminating most bacteria.

How antiperspirants

Antiperspirants block the sweat gland ducts. Glands themselves but not terminals are in the skin of the area are usually applied armpits.

Some antiperspirants also have antibacterial ingredients, in case something leaks sweat bacteria do not grow.

Antiperspirants are bad

Some people think that antiperspirants are bad, but no evidence of it. By blocking a few sweat glands, terminal blocks are not all sweat; the body has many terminals so that the effect of these products in the armpits is not believed to cause damage.

Antiperspirant cause cancer

There are no studies to prove this. Some people believe it because the sinuses are near the armpits, but not believed to have connection.

Which is better for you

Depends on your taste and skin type. Sensitive skin can benefit from the deodorant because they irritate the skin. But if you sweat a lot too hot or antiperspirants can be more effective.

Other Notes

You know you can apply the antiperspirant at night for better efficiency? And not necessarily need to apply every day for several days.

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