How to prevent varicose veins

26 Nov

prevent varicose veinsVaricose veins are dilated, there are various types and sizes, there varices small, medium and large, and by type are telangiectasias, varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency. Those most prone to varicose veins are women, especially during pregnancy.

There are also other causes dilation of the veins, they are overweight, use of contraceptives or hormones, use tight-fitting clothes, thrombophlebitis, spend many hours standing or sitting, place direct heat on the legs. With so many causes of varicose veins is good to know how to prevent varicose veins to prevent its occurrence.

The symptoms of this disease:

The veins dilate and begin to be noticeable under the skin to the naked eye, swelling especially in the feet and ankles, cramps, pain, tiredness and heaviness in the legs, ulcers and skin of the ankles and calves become darker in color and gray.

To prevent varicose veins and improve blood circulation to the legs is recommended daily physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, do not place direct heat on your legs, eat lots of fiber, not wearing tight clothing or shoes with heels or very low it is best to swim at night, if the job requires him to spend many hours standing or sitting try moving your legs and raise them if possible, during pregnancy, see your doctor always physically active and use compression stockings.

Foods that benefit the prevention of varicose veins:

Fiber: The fiber found in vegetables helps to good blood circulation.

Fat is the recommended fat found in polyunsaturated seed oils in oily fish and nuts.

Salt: Salt is recommended unrefined sea.

Potassium: potassium removes water from the body by preventing swelling and edema.

Water: Water helps remove toxins from the body.

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