Rosacea and spider veins

02 Jan

redness of the skin Both conditions have redness of the skin but are different and so are their treatments. Know the difference between rosacea and spider veins.

Is common to hear Cosmiatra (beauticians) talking about these two skin conditions as if they were the same or confuse and frighten customers. It is easy to distinguish, and this is what it should be noted:

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition in which there is red, inflation, peeling, pores and “mud” pimples or pus-filled bumps on the inside. Some people develop oily skin.

Some people confuse it with adult acne, but not the same and the treatments are different. The “mud” of rosacea should never be removed because only cause further irritation.

Rosacea on the face. It begins as a red area or blush on the cheeks then spreads to the forehead, nose and chin. Dilated capillaries are noted on the sides of the nose.

If rosacea is left untreated the nose can get bigger in the end what is called rhinophyma and can affect the eyes. Rosacea is not curable but can be controlled.
Rosacea begins after age 30 and usually affects fair-skinned people.

It affects men and women, but men tend to worsen in the nose. The cause is unknown and probably genetic.

The blotches

The blotches are characterized by the abundance of visible dilated capillaries (telangiectasia) especially in the cheeks.

You can tell by the constant blushing cheeks. Almost always occurs in people with light skin.

It has several causes, but is usually caused or aggravated by the environment. The most important thing with this condition is to avoid irritation and use gentle products for sensitive skin. It responds very well to laser treatments.

The blotches no bumps (pimples) and can occur at any age. Depending on its origin are various types of blotches and one of them is called spider veins rosacea (which adds to the confusion).

Comparing rosacea and spider veins

Rosacea is a skin condition that requires medical treatment or alternative medicine. The spider veins is a cosmetic problem (image) has only concentrated dilated capillaries in the cheeks. In the bumps but no blotches may have slashes. A person may have both conditions.

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