Rosacea skin condition

11 Nov

Rosacea Time in which body image is what many people take as a reference, poor exposure of the face or skin can lead to low self-esteem to those who suffer, there are various diseases affecting the skin, including : rosacea .

This disease affects the face, causing redness of the affected area, there are several types, from light pinkish to the most severe that can severely affect the skin causing serious health problems.

They can also cause enlargement of the nose, resulting in severe cases, nasal deformities, still is the largest presence among men and women.

The disease usually affects Caucasians ranging from 30 to 60 years, has inherited component, as reported cases where an ancestor suffered from rosacea patients.

Do not eat spicy foods or skin overexposed to sun, not drinking coffee or alcohol, or use steroid products also stress and anxiety is getting worse.

To achieve an improvement of the skin in this disease, there are several methods, which require the use of antibiotics and inflammations, in advanced cases resort to surgery or laser treatments.

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