Acne Rosacea: Complementary

27 Oct

Acne rosacea is an inflammatory process that primarily affects the central part of the face. It seen almost exclusively in adults and rarely affects patients younger than 30 years. It is more common in women who have hormonal problems, digestive or nervous. It is characterized by the presence of a few pimples or pustules, red, surface, but not accompanied by comedones (blackheads white head or black head). Often, people with rosacea have initially marked flushing reactions that may be responses to heat, emotional stimuli, alcohol, hot drinks or spicy foods.

Causes and risk factors

If the person…
1) You are fair skinned.
2) You blush easily.
3) You are female, although men are more severely affected.
4) Is between 30 and 50 years of age.


There is no known cure for rosacea. The goal of treatment is to identify and avoid possible triggers and reduce the exacerbation or worsening of the condition. In fact, the National Rosacea Society strongly recommends keeping a diary of symptoms to identify the specific triggers as the person makes the monitoring of these symptoms; you should start to see a pattern after several weeks of what worsens rosacea. This information should be used to prevent future exacerbations.

In addition to local treatment is essential to oral treatment. It can be treated either by a traditional dermatologist or a homeopathic doctor. In this type of pathology Homeopathy is very successful.

It said to detoxify the patient can get very good results. For this there are natural processes and diets that encourage people relief. Studies with patients who have been given in your diet a fungus called Ganoderma lucidum, also known as Reishi, it promotes the emptying of the contents of the colon and helps the liver do better function. Homeopaths or enacting systemic medicine are those who recommend these complementary treatments.

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