Improves the look of your oily skin

06 Nov

Improves the lookOily skin probably served in the past for various purposes such as to counteract the effect of strong winds or intense sun, but today is a real hassle. To enhance the appearance of oily skin should be checked and tolerate other factors that can not change.

There is no magic cure for oily skin, but the advice given in the book “Home Remedies” can help you improve it. Although remember that oily skin is aging less obvious, or that if we suffer for oily skin, do not worry, it will age better and have fewer wrinkles.

But to tackle the problem now, a solution may be to wash your face with soap and hot water, because hot water is an excellent solvent. Hot water and soap are more effective than cold water.

Choose soaps that dry the skin, which is not very difficult because now almost all soaps cause dryness.

Put powder to reduce shine. Some women use baby talcum powder because of the subtle shine and protect the face.

Do not look at the food source, because despite numerous publications that recommend special diets to reduce oily skin problems, some experts say there is no relationship between food and oily skin, as this is genetically determined and that is not possible to disable the sebaceous glands with a diet.

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