Caring for oily skin

21 Mar

oily skin In general dermatologists have broken the skin of our face into three types: dry, oily and mixed, the latter is one that combines dry skin and fat in some areas in others, the area of greatest oiliness is often known as the area T. The oily complexion is often difficult to care, becoming a problem for many women, especially in the hottest days of the year, if you’re one of them then here are some good tips for you to know how to care for oily skin.


  • If you have oily skin care for the whole year, not only when the weather exalt the oiliness, remember that in all beauty treatments provided the key is consistency
  • To make the skin look less bright is essential to apply remedial creams, day or night special for oily skin.
  • Gradually produce a dry and moisturizing effect while the left smooth and remove the shins, grains and other impurities which arise due to the accumulation of fat
  • Besides creams that nourish your skin, toning masks are another solution, becoming an adjunct to the treatment of this type of faces and serving as allied to deeply cleanse and moisturize the skin
  • The creams and masks should be applied directly in the face, once the skin is clean or exfoliate, in the case of masks should be left for at least 10 minutes to penetrate the skin and benefit from their property
  • The daily use cleansing gels are another good ally to combat oiliness and keep our skin free of impurities and bacteria that often are responsible for the appearance of pimples, but remember that too much cleaning can also abuse the face without solving the problem, so do not fall into the excesses
  • Both the makeup and sunscreen should always be water based and oil, this suggestion should become standard in the case of oily skin
  • If after trying various creams still do not get to control the problem it is advisable to visit your dermatologist who can give you a solution and help you with any professional treatment
  • To read more articles like how to care for oily skin, we recommend you enter our category of skin care.

If you find that you are applying creams may be useful to increase the oiliness switch brands.
If after you try and follow these suggestions you still feel the benefits, you should visit your dermatologist.

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