Psoriasis: Tips to “soften” its effects

25 Nov

skin problemPsoriasis is a common disease, is chronic and is characterized by the presence of papules and plaques well defined dry. Mainly affects the white population, and can develop at any age.

This disease affects mostly the scalp, extremities like elbows and knees, trunk, buttocks, their nails, eyebrows, armpits and the anogenital region.

Being a disease that has no definitive cure is important to try what your symptoms are less bothersome.

To do this you can follow some tips:

* Avoid stress: a positive attitude can avoid situations that stress us to make the disease worse.

* Take baths, sun exposure to the sun person improves the conditions of this disease. Hot and dry climates are most appropriate. Sunbathing helps to improve symptoms.

* Keep the skin wet: dry skin peeling and pain occurs. It is advisable to lubricate the skin with creams or oils.

* Maintaining ideal weight: obese people are more likely to develop this disease. Have a good weight improves symptoms.

* Avoid injuries: injuries to the skin by diminishing the ability of the organism to external attacks and worsen the symptoms of psoriasis.

* Take hot baths, swimming in a pool of warm water helps to reduce the thickness of the plates of the skin.

* Controlling infections: infections in the body can cause or worsen psoriasis. It has been shown that after certain infectious diseases, outbreaks of this disease.

* Maintain good skin hygiene: this is essential to prevent organisms that may worsen or trigger psoriasis.

If you suffer from this disease, follow some of these recommendations will surely help you.

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