Psoriasis linked to heart disease and cancer

23 Nov

Psoriasis A common and treatable disease such as psoriasis can lead to serious health problems; this is what a new study presented at the United States. According to new research, people with psoriasis are more prone to heart attacks.

Researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital conducted a similar study in this paper the numbers of people with psoriasis and heart disease. Here also concluded that those who developed psoriasis were most at risk of cardiovascular problems.

Those who have psoriasis should not only look after their health with respect to that disease, but should also keep a healthy lifestyle in order to reduce the chances of cardiovascular problems in the future. It is also important to maintain a healthy weight.

Another research showed that psoriasis is associated with the appearance of skin and prostate cancer. Studies show that some of the treatments used for psoriasis may have increased the risk of skin cancer.

Unfortunately the list of diseases linked to psoriasis is extensive: obesity, diabetes, depression, sexual dysfunction, arthritis and heart disease mentioned above.

The studies in this area are not yet sufficient to be resolved if the psoriasis causes other diseases, or are they the cause of psoriasis.

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