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23 Nov

diseases of skinThe so-called skin diseases or skin diseases are diseases that must first be treated by a specialist dermatologist, so if you want you can apply an alternative treatment that can be obtained both online as in a book or perhaps the board directly an acquaintance, but this alternative treatment must be approved by your doctor you trust.

Dermatoses or skin diseases are varied, and can be caused by genetic factors, viral or environmental factors.

Under these conditions, we also have the skin attached, ie those affecting the hair, nails, sweat, etc…

These diseases also annex, skin diseases are considered as their epidermal origin makes evil are often found deep in the dermis.

Dermatologists also treat certain cases of HIV positive patients or other sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and their manifestation is in the skin, which may not necessarily be taken as a skin disease but a symptom.

To have an idea, the skin is the largest organ we have in our body and is the one most exposed to the medium, so that no other body with such a high number of changes as the skin, since being natural barrier between the human body and other organs that are exposed to multiple factors that can affect both inside and out.

One of the main ways to discover that we have a disease or illness in the skin is that they attract your attention when they appear as clearly noticeable healthy skin from the diseased skin.

So-called “blooms” are distinctive because they appear as spots on the skin, also as nodules, pustules, urticaria, and ulcers dandruff or directly.

Other diseases such as do not show efflorescence only feel symptoms that include burning, itching, or burning sensation.

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