Sun exposure ages your skin

06 Nov

Do you have attractive tan over the summer? Well, you should know that sun exposure ages your skin, as ultraviolet rays are responsible for the tanning of the skin but also because they are aging that impact deeper, reaching into the dermis and damage the elastic fibers and collagen, causing sagging and wrinkles.

Exposure to the sun to find a tan is a contradiction, because it looks beautiful but otherwise there is skin aging.

For example, two women of the same age and same skin, one that was exhibited for many years in the sun and one not: there is photoaging. Skin exposed to UV aging faster, leading to the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, dryness, sagging. The dermatologist Parafiniuk Cristina explained that “we must not only worry about the effects of ‘evil’, but others such as skin aging, as changes in life priorities have changed. This is caused by accumulation over the years, there how to stop it.

That’s why we say ‘the skin has a memory’, and we eventually take its toll: it decreases the elasticity, texture, becomes opaque, and spots appear all this makes us look ‘older’ than our actual age. ”

The preventive strategy focuses on the major modifiable risk factor, exposure to the sun to reduce it through proper and adequate photoprotection. Photoprotection can be defined as the set of measures which limit the cumulative skin damage induced by solar radiation. If you go to the beach or you are exposed to the sun any circumstances, do not forget sunscreen put you 15 minutes before, and replace it every three hours, at least in the most exposed areas.

It is important to take care of children as it is known that young children are exposed to the sun three times more than adults and it is estimated that between 50 to 80% of solar exposure time in the life of a person occurs before to reach 18.

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