Vitamin D and sunlight

06 Nov

Vitamin D Sunlight is vital for life on our planet. All living things benefit from their kindness. In the case of humans, revitalizes and energizes in certain doses, but can also hurt when these doses increase, so we must find a balance.

Some people think that sunlight is bad and you always have to use very large amounts of sunscreen, but it does not, because if we use natural ways to protect ourselves we are not prohibiting the coming of the sun to our skin.

Sunlight has a unique property, the Vitamin D, which can cause failure in prostate cancer, fatigue, osteoporosis and depression. The problem with this is that the choice of doctors for the deficiency of Vitamin D is supplements that contain D2, which is not efficient for our bodies as we can not process it. The only way to actually reverse the lack of this vitamin is exposure to sunlight.

Other advantage is that Vitamin D is fat soluble, so we can take it at any time that our bodies need. Is well proven that exposure to sunlight brings with it many benefits, contrary to what the saying goes, like it is directly related to skin cancer.

Say, prolonged exposure risk hours without any protection can cause problems, but it has come to believe that any exposure to sunlight can be problematic, when the real problem is the lack of sunlight. For example, to give an indication of their benefits, it has been shown in rats that high doses of vitamin D reduce breast cancer.

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