Say goodbye to wrinkles by following these tips!

31 Mar

wrinkles Any marks on the skin are welcome, all produce some discomfort, but the fact is that there are some that can be prevented unlike others.

Here we can mention wrinkles are those wrinkles or furrows appear on the skin due to the decrease of the dermis, which is the thickest layer of the skin.

There are methods that help prevent wrinkles, beyond which are dealt a genetic problem and time. Improve or adjust some of our feeding mechanisms make this problem take another form, it must be remembered that the face is part of our soul and it is important to delay marks the years.

5 guidelines that we can not forget

Avoid stress: When our life is overflowing with problems, our body develops the hormone cortisol that is the cause of wrinkles, fat and other problems that affect health and wellbeing. Physical activity decreases the hormone, also said that in response to “A common problem, a wrinkle less” true.

Healthy Eating: Although still a matter of discussion the poor eating habits, often there is no way to make people understand the importance of eating healthy and varied. Do you put oil in your car that uses gas? The answer is no, why not do the same with our body? Base your diet on vegetables, legumes, olive oil and will surely change your life and body. If your priority is meats, sugars and fats putting these petroleum naphtha to your car.

The snuff: If you mention that each puff of a cigarette is equivalent to a wrinkle, surely you would stop smoking and have less cancer and wrinkles would be a minor problem. Smoking is major skin problems, and they are for other organs of the body and because the mood generated vasoconstriction in blood vessels allowing the accumulation of free radicals in the skin. This causes the skin generate collagen, which is who provides elasticity.

Water: Water is vital for life, and is 70 to 80% of our body weight. Part of our organic processes and dissipates heat. With a balanced diet and no snuff in your life, water is the finishing touch to healthy living without wrinkles and moisturized.

The sun: The sun is also a great enemy of the skin because their irresponsible use causes skin cancer and wrinkling suffers, among other problems. The factor sun causes skin to dry and can not produce collagen type III, which is the most important in preventing wrinkles. Avoid exposure to sun between 10 and 16 h., and when you do your protective salt gradient is as vital as breathing. Mind you, do also even when cloudy.

With these tips you will see results. Is your health worth to take care!

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