Remedies anti-pimples. Forbidden foods

31 Jan

Remedies anti-pimplesThe best option in a skin problem is to prevent and stop it from happening, therefore, to have smooth skin free of acne and pimples one of the most important things we must avoid is taking certain foods with high concentration of fat that will direct to our skin. So if you want to remove those blackheads so annoying that spoil your face first things you do is watching your diet and avoid taking:

Chocolate, chocolate and cocoa carry everything.

Breaded fried foods like fried chicken, French fries, fried or frozen.

Nuts: In addition to its potential caloric nuts contain a large amount of fats we must avoid eating peanuts, almonds, etc…

Pork meat. Because it is one of the greatest amounts of fat they contain. Also if you eat try to be grilled.

Derived from high-fat milk and whole milk or fatty cheeses.

Fast Food or fast food should be our greatest enemies. Avoid making pizzas, burgers and meals with too many condiments as spicy or mayonnaise.

Remember that even if you avoid eating certain foods, you lead a rich and varied diet for the sake of our health and enjoy other delicacies with much less fat than our skin will thank us. If you have been interested this report you may need to take a look at Vegetarian Meals and try to test some new dish, healthy and innovative.

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