Stress affects the skin

25 Jan

skin careStress is one of the evils that most affects our health these days. Among the concerns and obligations of everyday life, we find it increasingly more difficult to disconnect from our routine and escape from stress.

When a person is stressed, suffering from anxiety, nervousness and even depression. As if this were not enough, the stress is so dangerous that their symptoms go beyond those conditions in our state of mind: it also adversely affects the functioning of the body and our physical appearance.

Did you know that stress also affects the skin? Find out how.

Itchy rash
Skin cells have a natural coating that protects us from bacteria. But when we are stressed the protective outer layer deteriorates and is easier to skin damage.

Severe Acne
A study by Stanford University, students was more stressed during final exams showed that there was more severe acne. On the other hand, relaxations therapies help reduce the occurrence and severity of acne.

Severe dermatitis
The stress hormone, cortisol, reduces the protection of our immune system, which makes us more vulnerable to flu, colds and allergies. A Japanese study found that patients with dermatitis symptoms were reduced after watching a funny movie. Laughter lowered stress levels.

Cold sore
It is another consequence of the low defenses usually has when we are stressed. Since stress affects our immune system is very easy to catch all kinds of skin rashes, cold sores, psoriasis and warts.

Dry and cloudy
Stress inhibits our lipid barrier, which causes the liquid to evaporate and the skin gets a little hydrated appearance. In addition, life-altering skin cells, dead cells stay longer and give our skin a dull appearance.

Skin Cancer
From Yale University, has shown that people with melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer are more likely to have experienced stress in their life than those without cancer. Furthermore, it is believed that chronic stress accelerates the onset of skin cancer from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Expression lines
Repeatedly frown wrinkles mark, or so-called expression lines on your face. Only with a good smile can avoid them, but certainly when we are stressed it is difficult to think positive thoughts that help us to smile more.

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