What are genital pimples and blackheads? Causes and solutions for women

05 Feb

solutions for womenSometimes you may see blackheads, pimples and rashes on the genitals of women, both in the labia and surrounding areas, as in the opening of the vagina, and even inside it. The causes and consequences are very different, so that we can find with a grain genital, or may be a symptom caused by diseases often very dangerous.

It is vitally important in these cases not trust us to be an ingrown hair by waxing intimate , or a pimple, because there are serious causes such as venereal diseases or infections that have similar symptoms, and should be treated immediately before they escalate or leave serious sequelae such as infertility, encasement, etc.. The first step should always give lasting more than 4 or 5 days is talking to your doctor, and even to visit a gynecologist, dermatologist or other medical specialists to examine and determine the cause of these pimples, blackheads or genital rashes.

In milder cases, may be a hair follicle or a pore infected, so it will look shin, although some differences are often presented as an abnormal redness and local inflammation, or a lot of resistance, since genital skin is peculiar characteristics different from other body areas (elasticity, moisture, etc.). Furthermore, an intense pain can occur on contact, or conversely, be totally painless. In addition, it may cause drainage of pus in cases of severe infections, and may be a swelling or a lump removed after the shin to the naked eye.

To eliminate these pimples and blackheads genitals, exist in the market several compounds in creams, capsules, etc. that are a good treatment against the grain of the vagina, vulva, etc.. In any case, it is especially important to keep clean the affected area, preferably with glycerin soap and other remedies against the shins.

However, it is important that a doctor diagnosed the cause and condition to verify that it causes a pimple or a blackhead common, and not a manifestation of STDs such as HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) that can cause genital warts, cancer of cervical or uterine cervix, etc..; of other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) that cause blackheads, pimples and rashes, infections molluscs, fungi or bacteria; early cysts, fistulas, some types of obesity and other problems and diseases to be addressed urgently in a hospital or clinic by specialists in the female reproductive system.

Some of these diseases are cured with eggs, oral or topical medications, and other simple medical and pharmacological treatments. But others, like condyloma, cysts or fistulae, for example, require surgery in their treatment. HPV condyloma, particularly, has spread widely in the population of developed countries, due inter alia to promiscuity. There are now advanced surgical techniques for the treatment of warts, including cryotherapy should be highlighted or cold treatment induced electric cautery, laser therapy or surgical excision, which are practiced in most hospitals and clinics. Treatments to eliminate these problems and injuries include trichloroacetic acid, liquid nitrogen and podophyllin, among other substances.

It is imperative to keep the genital area clean and maintained exhaustively to avoid the appearance of blackheads and pimples genitals. Use soap or glycerin gel to maintain intimate skin hygiene, cleaning and protecting the lips of the vulva and inside the vagina, where the doctor tells you to.

In the vagina, vulva and surrounding areas should not be any kind of anomaly, spots, rashes, infected pimples, warts, sores, discoloration, oozing, scab, swelling, or any other irregularity. If it appears some we must go immediately to a doctor because they may be due to symptoms of more severe disease than it appears.

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