Acne treatment Kelowna

30 Apr

Acne treatmentAdult and child acne can be tough to treat. Most of us as parents will take our children to the dermatologist and get expensive medications that could not only harm our kids but make them sick or even worse, just not work.

Having years of acne can leave deep scars in the face, shoulders, back and stomach.

We know that from birth we begin the shedding process of dead skin cells. It is a lifelong process. Your skin can produce oil or too much oil which is called sebum. Acne occurs when a hair follicle or “pore” within the skin becomes plugged with oil (sebum), trapping a certain type of bacteria and allowing it to grow. Testosterone increases sebum production.

Acne is not something that you are doing wrong to your skin but usually the product of hormones or family history. If your mom or dad had acne as a teenager or young adult, chances are you will have acne as well. The one thing you don’t want to do is over due your skin care regimen when it comes to acne. You don’t want to over exfoliate, over wash, use drying products or scrub your face with stripping cleansers.

Just like organic food, organic skin care is the best way to care for your skin. Acne treatment Kelowna can consist of Blu-U and / or levulan treatments, as well as topical acne solutions.

Book a consultation today and find out what the best treatment is for your acne today.

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