Micellar water for skin care

19 Apr

Micellar waterThere are several products for skin care and cleaning of it, but none do so as the micellar water naturally, cleans the skin without causing any allergic reaction, as they do other cosmetic products.

The secret is in micellar water composition, where the molecules are responsible for removing all impurities from your face. It can be used to remove traces of makeup from fat or dead cells of the face.

The key does not produce allergic reactions is that these molecules that compose water are not absorbed through the skin, then it is very handy, as washing your skin just like you would with running water, but water-micellar will achieve through their property get all the benefits this has.

Just as there are different skin types, different types of micellar water, which corresponds to each of them.

You must be clear which type of water you use micellar depending on your skin type and also depending on the treatment you’re looking for, since using it a short time stay your face ready for a facial later, and if you want to use instead the basis, do it longer.

One last thing to bear in mind is that as a liquid, in places where there may be a high temperature, you put in the fridge, otherwise it to assess as the water we consume daily.

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