Clean face while sleeping

05 May

eliminate dead cells Often stay abreast of the latest trends in makeup, it’s essential to know the latest revolution in cosmetics. Do not even hesitate to apply ourselves hundreds of creams, toners, facial peeling masks with which to achieve, if not eternal youth, aging more worthy.

But what happens when the day ends and your skin needs to breathe? There is an “eternal forgotten” the beauty in this: the process of removing make daily.

We forget the importance of a good cleaning of our face, not realizing that the make-up removal is an essential part of skin care to activate the process of skin regeneration. And above all a bad make-up removal contributes to skin aging.

While cleaning our skin, and release the mask of makeup and so help to breathe, eliminate dead cells, excess sebum and waste pollution that accumulate during the day. It is imperative to clean the skin with cotton drag away dirt, both morning and evening with a facial tonic after a gel or cream makeup removal.

We need to make this ritual becomes a process of everyday life, such as cleaning the teeth.

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