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05 May

Cleansing creamsThe neck is a body part forgotten by most people so when they turn to him sometimes too late because symptoms of aging. The constant movement and creases formed during the night due to poor posture, causing it to deteriorate more easily.

Wrinkles, folds similar to facial expression, are inevitable but less obtrusive appear progressively on each side of the jaw and under the ears accusing the age and come from a decrease in muscle tone.

The front of the neck and face are covered with extremely superficial muscles, the skin, which connects bone to the skin in that branch.

These muscles move with the skin all the time and do not have the force of others but if they stay toned and well maintained, it will look smooth, hydrated and smooth, otherwise the neck will acquire a grayish or yellowish and is rugged and dry.

Moreover, after 30 years are pimples, warts and pimples that cause loss of smoothness and show bad.


It is necessary to clean all the days in the same manner and at the same time as the face. Use Cleansing creams, moisturizers, toners, masks also can apply.

To pamper you give daily massages from top to bottom, never the other tissues as they fall.

A good recommendation is to surround him daily for a few minutes with a towel soaked in cold water to purify and strengthen it.

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