Take care of your skin and mind with herbal massage

04 May

herbal massage At present, massage veins and found different techniques for different body sites. Are relaxing decontracting, sports and many more, but in this case we will speak of those who work with skin and care, such as herbal massage.

This type of massage has a number of years and come from Thailand and they are used in essential oils and herbs from different places and ways to treat skin and relax the body.

To carry out these massages are used cloth bags filled with herbs and natural seeds such as flax, sesame, rice, which are called herbal scented sachets.

It is said that these bags make off their potential when they are immersed in hot water in this way you can treat the skin. This is enhanced by the relaxing massage effects on the body and not to mention the bonus of exfoliating and toning. To make herbal massage bags should be placed to work in areas such as legs, arms and without the use of hands to put pressure on the specific area.

The oils and the heat of the bags make the resolution of problems in areas of the body in the case of takes away pain and improve circulation, appetite, removes migraines, stress, anxiety; this is because this herbal treatment maintained a balance between body, mind and soul.

To increase the relaxing feels free to ask any techniques such as reiki and reflexology. This will help clear your mind and feel better.

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