How to make-up Katy Perry

04 Aug

make-upLots of black mascara or false eyelashes well highlighted, outlined quite aggressive and shades of gold, silver or soft to highlight spectacular green eyes.

Perfect combination of lipstick shades lipstick, fuchsia or pink to liven up a wide and beautiful smile.

Foundations and blushers nude tones that give your skin a natural look (as if it had makeup), healthy and uniform. It can also flushes shows with cakes and lighting will also provide the exact brightness.

That basically consist makeup tricks of the beautiful, young and successful singer-songwriter Katy Perry. Every time he appears on stage, displaying a style very similar to the “pin-up girls” who have their faces and attitudes in a mixture of sweetness, sensuality and rebellion.

Of course a woman as beautiful as the artist of 27 years does not need too much production, but when it does, knows how to highlight your strengths, hot areas, leaving always immaculate in public, in magazines and on the screen.

The author of “Hot N Cold ” knows how to exploit their advantage especially in the mixture of green big eyes, white skin and black hair, which changes according to music: make-up should be tailored to the hair then blue, green or pink.

There were already many changes in the image of Katy, but never stopped betting on the feast of colors and intensities and, of course, an original and fun look.

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