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Food Allergy Skin Rash

30 Apr

Food Allergy Skin RashStop Guessing! Let Your Child Take The Food Allergy Skin Test.

It seems normal that children who are very active get cuts, bruises, wounds, and even rashes all the time but how can you be so sure that it is not a food allergy skin rash? One of the things you should consider that your child might be allergic is the family health history of you and your spouse. Some food allergy skin rash may be derived from genetics so if you or your spouse have allergies, there‚Äôs a good chances that your children might have them too. Read the rest of this entry »

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Controlling the brightness on the face

27 Dec

brightness faceA little shine in the face is desired but much the opposite. It is usually caused by excess fat and can be controlled.

To control the excess fat in the face and with it the shine it produces can follow the steps below.

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Food Rejuvenating

17 May

In nature there are foods truly beneficial effects, since they can help preserve youthfulness and health through its regular use.

Here is a list of foods to incorporate into the daily diet in order to achieve optimum health:

- Blueberries: retard aging of cells, because they are antioxidants. They also protect the body against cancer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Diet To Keep Skin Smooth

19 Jan

After a festival full of excesses, we should take a diet rich in vitamins, fiber and water in order to renew the softness and smoothness of the skin. When it is in excellent condition, is able to withstand the elements better way of sunlight and the environment, especially against premature aging.

Often we are unaware of the enormous importance of our skin, and only when it is very shabby start to give the necessary care, always being so easy to keep fresh and soft. To help her look forever young, we need a diet rich in vitamins and fiber and a good hydration and sun protection. Read the rest of this entry »

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