Diet To Keep Skin Smooth

19 Jan

After a festival full of excesses, we should take a diet rich in vitamins, fiber and water in order to renew the softness and smoothness of the skin. When it is in excellent condition, is able to withstand the elements better way of sunlight and the environment, especially against premature aging.

Often we are unaware of the enormous importance of our skin, and only when it is very shabby start to give the necessary care, always being so easy to keep fresh and soft. To help her look forever young, we need a diet rich in vitamins and fiber and a good hydration and sun protection.

An important source of vitamins and fiber are fruits and vegetables, these are essential to ensure the body’s water and energy needs of fructose. They are an excellent source of antioxidants and help regulate the functioning of the intestinal tract.

Improve appearance

The skin requires more than just creams with vitamins to improve, often we are convinced that our dull skin look better after a few weeks of applying creams, but the truth is that we need to complement the external treatment with excellent food. So we leave you with a list of foods that you can combine a week in order to be able to have a balanced diet for each day of the week to help you effectively nurture your skin and improve its appearance.

Toasted bread with low fat cheese
A slice of 1 cm. cheese
A glass of low fat yogurt and cereal
Two cookies with dulce de leche light
Two rice cakes with cheese

It takes only one option per day and combines it with a tea with skim milk.

A small portion of pasta with a teaspoon olive oil, diced a tomato and basil, and an orange
A portion of pascualina cake with green salad and light dessert
A baked breaded with lettuce, tomato and carrot
A steak with mashed potatoes and a light dessert
A light burger with salad and a kiwi

A fillet of hake with roasted squash and a banana or plantain
Sautéed vegetables with chicken and fruit salad
A natural tuna salad and a green apple
Two zucchini stuffed with lean ground beef, onion and carrot, and a bowl of strawberries
Two vegetable cannelloni with white sauce, and fruit salad

If you get hungry between meals, try to take some fruit juice, cereal or yogurt with no sugar or wheat bran, and drink plenty of water.

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