Five enemies of the face skin (I)

20 Oct

The skin on our face is critical when you look more beautiful, deterioration or give you abuse either by carelessness or lack of information, sooner or later we will bill, and to this there is no makeup save us. A neglected and ruined skin will never look healthy, unless we avoid falling into this condition.

Now, whenever you have time to restore its good looks, for it must take care of five enemies especially dangerous to the beauty and smoothness of your skin.

In this series we started today we will show you one to one where these enemies are and how to avoid them, follow our tips and you will soon look radiant skin, either makeup or natural.

Enemy No. 1: Lack of moisture

The dry skin is due to the lack of moisture, a basic condition for health. This dryness can be caused by a combination of two factors: climate and skin type. The solution to avoid it also depends on two things: drink plenty of water and use natural face moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

As you can see are basic questions that all know but often do not keep thinking that young people will always play in our favor, but then come the bad times and we regret not having taken these precautions in time.

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