Five enemies of the face skin (III)

20 Oct

care of our faceFollowing this series in which we have focused on the care of the skin of our face, now we’ll see the next enemy we face in achieving the beauty, naturalness and freshness of our skin.

Enemy 3: Lack of cleanliness

While this series we’re devoting to the skin of the face, the fact is that all our skin needs to maintain proper hygiene and health smoothness we are seeking.

The skin becomes contaminated daily, either with the aggression of dust and pollution and with certain impurities that originate from within our body by some derangement in our food; all of these aggressive agents for our skin must be removed daily through daily hygiene.

To do this you must follow these simple steps to:

- Wash your face every day, on waking and at bedtime

- Always remove makeup before sleeping

- Use appropriate cleaning products for your skin type

Finally, in the case of facials, ever use your hands, does this leave those who know it and avoid unpleasant conditions such as brands will often worse than the granite that you wanted to remove.

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