The best gift for sensitive skin!

26 Oct

sensitive Many women are familiar with such feelings as dryness, redness and skin irritation. All these are signs of sensitive skin. Numerous studies show that owners of such skin are more than 40 % of women aged 15 to 60 years.

The main causes of skin sensitivity are the environmental factors – sun, wind, humidity and temperature swings. Often we do worsens the condition of our skin by using make-c content of colors and flavors, eating properly and not wasting time on holiday. Thus, we acquire sensitive skin, for which you want to take care of specially created tools – tools that not only moisturize the skin but protect it from external irritants. Such means finally appeared!

Specialists of the company Beiersdorf (the global skin care company) developed a unique line of cosmetics for sensitive skin – Sensitive Balance. The composition of these funds Formula contains natural ingredients and “Balancing Complex with related skin ingredients – the innovative development of Beiersdorf.

“Balancing Complex – a real innovation company Beiersdorf! It is composed of natural ingredients – Taurine, retains moisture in skin cells and reduces its dryness and antioxidant, effectively protects the skin from allergies.

Licorice root extract is also part of the new line of Sensitive Balance, – have special properties, it soothes irritation, reduces redness and provides anti-inflammatory effect.

Philosophy NIVEA Visage – to act in harmony with the skin. Therefore, all the latest scientific developments are aimed at creating cosmetics, which include innovative components, so-called related skin ingredients. Related ingredients enhance the skin natural functions of the skin, helping it to remain healthy and beautiful.

Sensitive Balance line for sensitive skin – the two most popular vehicles – Cleanser and Moisturizing Day Cream.

Milk is designed specifically for cleansing sensitive skin. Light texture jelly gently and carefully cleanses sensitive skin and eyes from dirt and makeup. Through regular use of royal jelly skin becomes soft and velvety.

Soft gentle Day Cream Sensitive Balance based on natural ingredients reduces redness and has a calming effect, while protecting the skin from the effects of rough environment. The cream nourishes and moisturizes your skin, stimulating its natural protective function.

Within a few weeks of using new and unique product series NIVEA Visage Sensitive Balance – soothing cleansing milk and Moisturizing Day Cream, based on ingredients related skin – Your skin will shine with health! And you forget about all the problems of sensitive skin!
Want to know how to properly care for sensitive skin? The following tips from NIVEA Visage:

- Avoid the use of masks and solidified coarse peel. If you are washing your face with just water skin terry mitten, consider that you have already made a gentle peeling.

- How can we at least expose the skin of solar radiation and high temperatures in the sauna, steam bath and solarium.

- Drink less coffee, black tea and colas, especially in stressful times.

- Be careful with alcohol and hot spices. They stimulate blood circulation and increase the nervousness that sensitive skin can easily lead to spots and itching.

- And another tip: Care must be gentle and careful. Sensitive skin should be well hydrated and protected. And this may help the special funds created specifically for this type of skin. Such as the Sensitive Balance of NIVEA Visage – that’s the best gift for sensitive skin!

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