Today I bring you ten easy tips on makeup so that you always be clean and gorgeous!

29 Oct

look gorgeous1. Nothing baseless

If you are going to make up the base can not miss, if only a touch or a compact powder unless you have a flawless skin and be not necessary (I say this for the younger ones). Still have to apply a touch of concealer or foundation for all other products are based along with the skin.

2. Two products that you can change the face

You know that I repeat this a lot but the two most important products (in which you invest time and money) are for me the foundation and a good concealer. As you know the foundation has to be the same color of skin to melt it and so cuts are not the hated. The spell you can use it to cover dark circles, blemishes or spots.

My favorite base is Mac Studio Fix Fluid in the tone and concealer NW25 Studio Finish Concealer is the Mac But I also like the L’Oreal Paris bases or Essence.

3. Eye to eye makeup:

“We happen to you when you go to and you wear heavy makeup remover always down 2 or 3 tabs? I gently but inevitably the more makeup she wears in the eye more and harder for me to remove my eyelashes suffer. Following that from time to time applied only correct powder and a little mask. And of course take good care of my eyelashes every night eyelash applied the cream on my eyelashes clean.

4. The blush is to set a good tone “no blush”

One of my favorite products is the lipstick; I love so I have a lot. Every time I get a new color I want to buy! hahaha.
It is very important that whenever we test since each skin may be more intense or more soft. So I always remember the blush is to give good color or not to look like a clown. Is the most favorable blush? is easy, but do not believe it is the tone that most closely matches when we are flushed. Always be nice a small amount in the center of the cheekbone.

5. If you are not hard, not working

Subscriber and I have friends who tell me: Cris, how you do it for you endure in your makeup? I always tell them they might use a cream that do not do well (because they are not hydrated enough) or because they are using makeup that does not do well. If we apply our foundation brush, sponge or your fingers and no longer than two hours there is something not right. It is advisable to choose a proper foundation to your skin type: dry, mixed or fat.

6. Establishing a basic look

One very important thing in makeup is to establish a “basic look,” that combination of color you know you always feel well. In my case is to use matte shadows in shades of brown, an orange blush tone very clearly and a clear gloss. Basic quick and easy.

7. Organize your makeup

When you have all your makeup neat and ready it do not take less makeup but also glad to. Nothing to be looking for three hours, the lipstick that you always use but never find! hehe

8. Join with tools

A good base, a good concealer, a good brush to apply blush, a good brush to apply shadow and you’re ready to start as a professional makeup.

9. Updates Your Look

Occasionally I try a completely different color: emerald green or electric blue. Sometimes it’s okay to try new colors and update your makeup with the colors of the season. A pair of colors is sufficient, it is better to invest in the basics that I mentioned earlier.

10. Practice

And finally…. Practice! This is fun and you become your own expert when it comes to makeup.

I hope you enjoyed and see you soon girls!

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