Avoid wrinkles at any age

14 Nov

wrinklesSimple tips for prevent wrinkles and stay young longer.

1 – The number 1 recommendation for avoiding wrinkles and spots on the skin is the same as your grandmother gave your mom: Avoid the sun.

Use sunscreen daily and avoid it during the times stronger. Our bodies need sunlight to process vitamin D but old-looking skin ends. If you live in a very hot place polarize glasses in your car.

2 – Wear sunglasses. Will protect your eyes and help prevent wrinkles as sign between the eyes.

3 – According to Dr. Brandt (the creator of the line of the same name) told Allure magazine that the straws, straws, straws (the tubes that are used to make soda) cause wrinkles around the mouth. The cigarette has the same effect.

4 – Sleep on your back. The pressure in the face while sleeping, as they may cause lines. Tip sent by a friend who works for the CHANEL line.

5 – Do not abuse alcohol dehydrate the skin.

6 – Do not smoke. This intoxicating skin and most people will look wilted early.

7 – Beware the skin. Not have to use expensive products if you can not but the key is consistency.

8 – If you pass the 35 you see a dermatologist for a cream that will actually help you.

9 – Relax. Stress is the worst enemy.

10 – Eat vegetables and fruits. What you eat can be seen in the face, vegetables and fruits have many nutrients and fiber and fewer calories.

11 – Keep your weight steady. The large variations in weight affect the skin, causing sagging.

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