Something You Did Not Know About Skin

20 Nov

About Skin1. It is the largest organ in the body, despite what they think the readers of Maxim.

2. The average adult human skin has an area of 2 square meters, weighs between 4-5 pounds and contains more than 17.7 meters of blood vessels (mainly due to the complex and fine network of capillaries).

3. The skin may become released 11 gallons of sweat on a hot day. Sudan areas are not the skin under the nails, the margins of the lips, the foreskin. (In the original article put it well the eardrum … but do not know why they put it if not part of the skin, at least not with the normal structure of this …)

4. Ah, that smells: Body odor comes from special glands, sebaceous secretion, called apocrine glands. They are mostly found in the armpits and genital area.

5. The smell is produced when bacteria from the skin secretions eat and digest fats.

6. Breasts are a modified form of apocrine gland.

7. Fetuses do not develop fully the fingerprints until three months of pregnancy. Everyone has fingerprints unique, even twins have the same fingerprints.

8. Without a trace: Some people never develop fingerprints. 2 rare genetic disorders, known as Naegeli syndrome and dermatopathy pigmentosa reticular is, make those who own them fail to develop ridges and furrows in the skin, forming a picture of the fingerprint.

9. Fingerprints increase friction and help grip objects. Some monkeys have similar fingerprints in the bottom of the queue, to improve grip in the swing from branch to branch.

10. Release the wind: Globally, dead skin of all people would generate billions of tons of dust into the atmosphere. His skin releases 50,000 cells every minute.

11. There are five types of receptors that respond to pain, touch, pressure and wind chill.

12. An experiment found that Meissner corpuscles (touch receptors found in abundance in the hands, lips, tongue, nipples, penis and clitoris) respond to the pressure exerted by a weight of only 20 milligrams, the weight of a fly.

13. In the blind, the visual cortex of the brain reorganizes in response to stimuli received through touch and sound in order to associate them with a mental visual image.

14. Light skin appeared only 20000-50000 years ago. When dark-skinned humans migrated to colder climates and were wasting a large amount of melanin.

15. I see someone very, very white: Albinos are often used in movies as villains. As in the Da Vinci Code, Die Another Day, Matrix Reloaded … It has been suggested that this is because people often associate with the pallor of albino vampires and other mythological creatures of the night.

16. More than 2,000 people have radio frequency identification chips (RFID) inserted under the skin. These chips can provide medical information, access to computers or opening the car door.

17. Cleveland Public Library, the Harvard Law School and Brown University have books lined with skin from executed criminals and the poor.

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