What Components Should Not Miss In Your Antiaging And Anti-Aging Treatments?

08 Feb

Anti-Aging TreatmentsSkin look young and radiant seeming younger than they really have is possible if we follow a healthy and balanced diet, sleep eight hours and of course, we apply anti-aging creams and we submit periodically to beauty treatments.

The home beauty routine should always include proper makeup remover, toning and moisturizing at night before bed and in the morning upon waking.

But to achieve the results we expect, the composition of our cream treatments should include some (or all) of the essential anti-aging ingredients, which we detail below:


Are essential to prevent photo-aging is manifested as loss of elasticity, wrinkling, age spots, dryness, etc. Filters can be mineral or chemical substances, since both types are equally effective.

Antioxidant and anti free radicals:

Because some vitamins (A, C and E), enzymes, botanical extracts (green tea, grape, etc.) And pure test substance (carnosine, for example) that’s making slow the chemical reactions that accelerate aging. To more effectively choose a cream that combines two or more.


May act at different levels: some substances can stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin to fill in wrinkles from the inside (retinol, vitamin C, peptides) and other skin taut (proteins from wheat and rice) for “ironing” a few hours wrinkles (lifting effect).


Preventing the formation and / or destroy the melanin in dark spots. The most used are kojic acid, arbutin and some plant extracts.

Other components:

Moisturizers that not only provide water, also retained (glycerol, urea, etc.) Substances which strengthen the skin barrier (ceramides, fatty acids) to make it more resistant to external aggression, and reflecting pigments that “fade” and remove wrinkles , creating the feeling of a smooth and youthful skin.

New discoveries:

The most innovative cosmetics include “stem cells” plants that act as repairing and regenerating the skin tissue. Among the latest antiaging cosmetics, we are faced with protecting and reactivating of sirtuins, which are enzymes that protect the genetic material (DNA) against free radicals.

The nutricosmetics always deserves a special place in the fight against signs of aging, and it represents the ideal complement to beauty treatments that are applied to the skin. To act from inside, its benefits are perceived in the face. Search these ingredients as antioxidants and essential fatty acids (fish oils, wheat germ and borage).

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