Home remedies to treat open pores

15 Jun

The pores are dilated by inheritance, lack of scrubs, poor care of the skin, skin that has been damaged by the sun, blackheads, are causing the pores to enlarge. Today we bring you some homemade recipes to combat this problem.

1. – Mix table salt and butter into a paste, apply in the area as a circular massaging exfoliation, and then remove with warm water.

2 .- Brush the area with a soft bristle brush for face and mild soap then rinse with warm water.

3 .- Apply hot water over the area of the pores to open up more and then apply an exfoliating massaging circular, complete rinsing with warm water first and then cold to close the pore.

4 .- The lemon is an excellent cleanser for oily, cut half of lemon and apply on the face by highlighting areas of the pores dilatata, rinse with cold water.

5 .- When you shower, hot shower focuses on the area of large pores and the fingers to rub the area, thorough cleaning, you will notice when it is properly cleaned, the skin is smooth. Remember to close the pores is necessary to rinse with cold water.

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