Because the pores are opened

15 Dec

pores The pores of our skin open for various reasons and most of them are preventable and there are ways to make them look smaller and to reduce them.

The main causes of enlarged pores can be divided into internal and external.

External causes for which open the pores

Accumulated in the skin cells

The skin is constantly renewing itself and sometimes some cells become trapped and this makes the pores that contain slowly open.
Solution: exfoliation and cleansing.

Excess fat and bacterial growth

It is similar to the above but in this case the pores are filled with fat and sometimes bacteria that grow in the fat. For this reason, enlarged pores are more common in oily skin.
Solution: cleansing and exfoliation

Internal causes

Inheritance and large pores
An unwanted inheritance but we can not fight. The strong skin, usually fat, tends to have larger pores and higher propensity to be open.

We can not control our genes but we can take care of the skin to keep pores smaller possible.

Sun damage

The sun not only causes stains and wrinkles, it also helps the skin tissues are damaged and this results in various effects including enlarged pores or open.

Solution: avoid the sun, eat fruits and vegetables and use sunscreen.

Damaged Skin

Anything that weakens the skin and lack of wetting, poor diet etc., Helps to elongate pores make the skin because it is not renewed with the correct frequency.

How to close the pores

To shrink the pores in addition to the above recommendations for treatments that help cell renewal as laser treatments, peels, photo facials, creams and treatments using stem cells and other help to regenerate skin and pores look smaller.

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