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A skin forever young with the temporary treatment of LBel SOS

13 Jul

Smooth and youthful skin is the desire of every woman. Therefore, LBel, thinking of us, has created a very special treat that literally make you say goodbye to wrinkles and expression lines.

I must admit, I’m passing of 30 years and do not give the necessary care to the skin of my face. And I feel that the creams and scrubs that sell in the market do not meet my expectations as well as being complicated and dense, so I spend too much time applied, then rub and rub until it disappears. And I’m super busy, leaving them at the end term. Read the rest of this entry »

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Home treatment for blackheads and oily skin with Tea Tree

12 Jul

This home treatment using natural and Tea Tree Oil as our main ingredient to combat and help us get us off the blackheads, pimples and even some granites.

Clogged pores only one of the main reasons why we develop pimples and oily skin is usually a victim of this problem – so it is best to prevent clogged pores and thus appear black spots and other pests. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cure pimples acne with tea tree oil

12 Jul

In our eternal quest to cure acne, or just trying to fight it, we find a thousand products of every kind: the promise, the harmful, expensive, what works and what does not.

In the case of Tea Tree Oil, which provides a tool to keep the acne pimples and blackheads away from our face, a natural tool, cheap home – yet scientifically proven.

Is it possible to cure acne with Tea Tree Oil, a home remedy? Read the rest of this entry »

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The truth about vitamin supplements

11 Jul

Vitamin supplements are highly recommended by nutritionists, gyms and even programs have become a fad. At least in the United States is a solid multi-million industry. But what is there in its effectiveness?

The Washington Post reported in March the results of recent studies announcing that vitamin supplements are not as effective as once thought to prevent many diseases. Moreover, many health organizations oppose its use and promote eating more fruits and vegetables. All natural. Read the rest of this entry »

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Enjoy all the benefits of green tea

11 Jul

The green tea is fashionable. Today they have rediscovered their nutritional properties, is sold as a filter, in bottles just like the energizer and natural presentation, and the demand grows. And the herb itself has many nutritional benefits, though, as long as you take it in moderation.

Among its properties, green tea is good as a diuretic. In fact, drink it helps eliminate fluids from the body, thereby not only be free of impurities and toxins, but losing weight and burning fat. Also Read the rest of this entry »

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Questions about tanning

10 Jul

Tanned skin looks good and fashionable. But the tanned harmful. For these reasons many women are concerned about tanning and often get questions about it. Continue below.

We share some of the questions about tanning we have received lately:

Is there any safe way to tan with the sun

Doctors say there is not. The sun causes a lot of skin damage and the damage is cumulative and is revealed gradually over time. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to tighten the skin of the face

10 Jul

Over time the skin of the face may sag. Until recently the only solution to this was plastic surgery, but now we have several options. Continue below.

A variety of treatments that help to firm the skin. Those are some medical spas or medical facts, provide faster results but there are options that can be done at home. The options do require home frequently.

Medical treatments to tighten skin

There are many treatments and are offered by some spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It is better to go to a physician to a spa because there are more qualified personnel. But the spas often have more modern equipment than some doctors. Treatments include:

1 – Photo-facials. Lower laser intensity used

2 – Laser treatments of various types including Fraxel and Titan.

3 – Thermage

4 – Light therapy and micro currents

5 – Transplantation of stem cells from the patient’s body fat. This involves a small liposuction to remove fat. Stem cells help to promote the formation of more fat cells and this gives volume and firmness to the face. It is one of the most promising treatments but still not very common.

6 – Transplantation of fat (lipo grafts). They are like the above and some cells are “glued” as stem cells. It is very effective but need to go to a doctor with experience.

6 – Face Lift. Only recommended when there is much extra skin and wrinkles.

7 – Professional Peels

8 – Using injections of wrinkle filler

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The sauna is beneficial for health

07 Jul

Although saunas offer a therapeutic experience, some do more, while the heat is released. In the traditional sauna with wood heating, gas or electricity, the steam “out” by the stones in the oven and spread in the room. The heat increases the heart rate, dilation of blood vessels and improves circulation.

Because of the high temperatures, the person begins to sweat and eliminate toxins from the body (as in a session of cardio). Add some Read the rest of this entry »

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Rejuvenate your Skin and Breasts

06 Jul

As a result of birth, weight loss, decreased muscle mass, health problems, breastfeeding or simply aging, the breasts, because every woman can be the problem.

The sagging breasts are caused by the stretching of the tissues that can be caused by related skin malnourished, a reduction in mammary glands of the breast or inadequate support. Even if large breasts are very attractive, is the most vulnerable to this Read the rest of this entry »

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Tips to prevent stretch marks

05 Jul

Everyone knows that when they have appeared in our body, stretch marks can not be removed. That is why it becomes so necessary to prevent our bodies from their appearance.

While doctors say that pregnancy is impossible not an occasional streak emerges, its mass can be avoided by other issues, such as sudden weight gains or the lack of moisturizing the skin.

Note that we will give you some tips to avoid unnecessary appearance of stretch marks on your body: Read the rest of this entry »

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