Cryotherapy for skin care

19 Aug

skin careWhat is known about Cryotherapy? Well, this is a treatment that involves the application of cold on the body to therapy.
This is because the cold removes body heat cools it. What therapy is generated by the action of different factors such as temperature difference between the agent and the skin. What is significant is the difference that exists between applications of the long short, the former being more effective.

This treatment can be used for different issues. Is more common in athletes and those who wish to improve their skin.

The cold, often said tissues, such as when cold water is applied, are lowering the level of cellulite, for example. Also common is used to treat conditions like arthritis, eczema and stress-related ailments, the insomnia and even depression.

Cryotherapy 250.000 receiver put into operation in the body that stimulates the central nervous system. When its happens, hormones such as testosterone, endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin, among others.

This in turn adds to the patient, the body with nutrients and some primordial oxygen. This therapy helps desinflamacion and a painkiller. It is used in cases of appendicitis, peritonitis, and vomiting.

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