Drugs and Beauty

31 Dec

 skin solutionsHealth and beauty go hand in hand. Drugs that affect the body also affects how we look because they have effects on the skin, hair, weight and nails.

Everything we put in our bodies both inside and outside has an effect. For this reason it is necessary to take precautions when taking certain medications. The following is a short list of some of the drugs that have a more visible:


It is in vain that are prescribed to treat acne. Antibiotics affect digestion because they kill the good bacteria in the body. To avoid this you have to eat yogurt with bacteria while being consumed.

Antibiotics can also cause dehydration in your body. For this reason it is important to consume more water and applied to the skin masks.

These drugs can cause photo-sensitivity or make us more sensitive to the sun, this coupled with dehydration can cause skin problems. While using antibiotics be sure to use sunscreen and avoid strong sun.


The contraceptive pill affects hormones and thus the skin, hair and weight. Sometimes the pill can cause acne other improve it, hair loss, weight fluctuations and libido and others. If you notice negative changes you must tell the doctor to change it to another type of pill because there are several types. Read: Beauty and contraceptives


There are several types of these medications. How it affects the hormones can cause changes in the skin, nails, weight and hair like dullness, weight fluctuations, and so on. The skin may become dry and lose brightness so we have to keep it moisturized and exfoliated.

Drugs to control cholesterol

In some people these medications can cause skin and scalp from becoming dry because they lower the level of fats in the body. If this is the case that eating fat is omega three and consults a physician.

Cold medicine or cough

As antihistamines. These medications can cause dry skin and hair. If you notice changes masks used for skin and hair to hydrate.

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