Dry skin in the elderly

28 Mar

skin in the elderlyOver the years time and the skin begins to deteriorate and age. This appears wrinkles and expression lines, which mark the passage of time.

For all this is that our skin care is very important and for that keep the skin well hydrated is essential. Here the water is key, and drink water every day is one of the best techniques to keep our skin well hydrated.

This will detail some tips for hydration of our skin:

You mix two tablespoons of water and honey, placing well in a small fire, then adds 125 centimeters of milk and an egg yolk. Stir until a smooth paste is achieved. This mixture is applied to the skin has cooled, leaving it on for 20 minutes.

Another alternative is to boil a lettuce leaf, to select the extract and with the help of a cotton passing over the skin.

There are also teas to our skin care based balm, carrot and chamomile. After boiling, strain and add what you need three tablespoons of honey and apply on the skin.

Another option is to mix homemade mask yogurt with two tablespoons of lemon oil and three. After mixing is applied to our skin in circular motions. The effect on the dermis that produces yogurt is kept clean and absorbs the beneficial properties of sunflower and lemon balances the PH of the skin.

We encourage you to take care in this new stage!

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