Natural remedies for skin care in winter

29 Mar

Natural remediesThere is no doubt that winter is one of the stations mostly dry skin and joins the accompaniment of time creating a situation that urgently corrected.

The problem for many starts when you begin to see wrinkles on the face and this is the time required to improve the “envelope” in other words, the skin.

Treatment is recommended based on natural cosmetics and with the help of the feed. It is very important to check the area of the face and hands, without doubt are the most exposed.

Take note that here we try to do a review on attitudes to be taken off the damaged skin.

For a beautiful skin hydrated and must:

Eating properly. This requires eating fruits and vegetables that provide water to the body. Nuts that although they have more calories are contributors of vitamins and antioxidants, is consumed occasionally.

Have ready vegetable oils, e.g. rosehip, sweet almond, avocado, etc… These are ideal in providing water to the body, especially when the skin is very dry. The rosehip offers a restorative effect for the same.

Give baths with herbs or herbal tea of these are a good idea. For example: chamomile, soothing, lemon balm, olive, grapes among others, functions as an antioxidant.

Use essential oils such as chamomile.

Do not make bad use of both hot and cold water. This causes the skin to dry. On the skin of your face with lots of cream at various stations. Try to stay away from snuff.

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